Fire Recovery Continues at University of Hawaii

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HONOLULU, HAWAII – The University of Hawai‘i would like to express its deepest appreciation to the Honolulu Fire Department for the fine job its firefighters did in controlling and extinguishing Sunday’s fire at portable building 171D, housing the UH System’s Financial Management Office. The following are updates and status reports on progress and recovery in key areas of interest to the general public and university family.

Information: A dedicated URL address has been established for UH employees, students and the general public to receive updated information on recovery progress, as well as where to go to get specific questions answered at


Staff and Personnel: Approximately 53 employees in the fiscal division are being relocated temporarily and being equipped with computers, phones, internet connectivity and furniture so that regular duties can be resumed as soon as possible. Please bear with us as we resituate staff and return to normal operations.

Documents and information: Staff has begun recovering and examining documents stored in fireproof cabinets and, as hoped, determined that many survived in useable condition. This process will continue until all salvageable materials and files have been recovered.

Building: Preliminary investigations have concluded that the fire was unintentional and the fire’s origin was electrical in nature. The damaged structure has been cleared for destruction and unsalvageable materials will be appropriately disposed of; this will commence soon. The university has not yet determined what reconstruction on the site will occur.

Vendor information: Due dates for all competitive solicitations and bids that are due for goods, services, and construction have been suspended. The Office of Procurement and Real Property Management will issue an Amendment to establish new submittal deadlines upon re-opening of the office.

Surrounding area: Neighbors and others who had property damage as a result of the fire and wish to file a claim with the university’s insurer or obtain information may contact the university’s Risk Management Office at 956-7243 or online at

Claims forms may be downloaded at 67 Claim for Damage or Injury.pdf.

After receipt of all required claims information, a decision will be made by the appropriate parties and the claimants will be contacted.

The university will post timely updates as needed, along with instructions on where to go with specific questions, at