Fireworks: City & County of Honolulu Sponsored Terrorism

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For a payoff of $185,825.00, the City of Honolulu is a blatant sponsor of terrorism. That’s the monetary take on the sale of 7,433 fireworks permits at $25 a pop. The state of Hawaii is an accomplice, since lawmakers have not outlawed the fireworks.

As a result, this New Year’s Eve on Oahu there were 16 incidents of New Year’s Eve related fireworks incendiary disturbances, ranging from structural to rubbish fires.
In addition there were numerous fireworks caused severe injuries.


Thirty seven million, one hundred sixty five thousand (37,165,000.000) ordnance explosions created havoc in our residential neighborhoods (7433 permits x 5000 fireworks), and that is only counting the legally permitted explosions!

These detonations caused PTSD flashbacks, cowering pets and wildlife, traumatized infants and elderly, severe breathing problems and unsightly burn markings and litter.

Added to that were many cases of “collateral” damage.

My $900 Kamaka ukulele along with several glasses vibrated off a shelf and smashed on our tile floor when a particularly egregious areal bomb exploded.

Outside, the clueless culprits guffawed at the hilarity of their mindless actions.

If New Year’s Eve fireworks are intended to drive away evil spirits, they are doing the exact opposite.

All the evidence clearly shows that fireworks ATTRACT and feed evil spirits. Yet another example of unintended consequences.

So let’s keep the Aloha spirit alive and well by letting the pyrotechnic professions dazzle us at events that call for fireworks and keep it out of the hands of the amateurs.

‘Stann W. Reiziss, PhD, resident of Kailua-Oahu, can be reached at’