First Order of Business: Balanced Budget Amendment

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By Charles Djou, R-Hawaii, District 1

Today I co-sponsored H.J. Res. 1, proposing a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.  This is my first order of business as the elected representative from Hawaii’s First Congressional District.


As the country faces a looming fiscal crisis, it’s time to finally do something about Washington’s out-of-control spending.  A balanced budget amendment will force Congress to take a serious look at its priorities and find a solution rather than handing the problem to future generations.

Hawai’i families know all too well that when times get tough, we must tighten our belts, make difficult decisions and balance our budgets in order to live within our means.  Now is the time for Washington to learn that lesson as well.  A balanced budget amendment will force Congress to follow the same rules as the hardworking families I represent.  Fiscal responsibility is my first order of business in Congress.

I am proud to co-sponsor legislation that will pave the way for a balanced budget and put an end to Congress’ runaway spending problem.