Fixing Our Hazardous Sidewalks

A crumbling sidewalk in Waikiki
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A crumbling sidewalk in Waikiki

BY HONOLULU CITY COUNCIL MEMBER STANLEY CHANG – From strolling down Kalakaua Avenue to walking the family dog in your neighborhood, sidewalks play an important role in transportation and safety.

However, hazardous conditions and ill maintenance of sidewalks can contribute to serious injuries or even death. Step separation, settled areas and cracked concrete are some of the most common sidewalk maintenance problems that contribute to the 3,000 complaints a year the City receives.


Infrastructure is one of the top priorities needing critical attention in Honolulu, which is why fixing our sidewalks is important to maintain safe conditions for everyone who uses them. Yet, with current hazardous conditions, there is more that needs to be done instead of ignored.

“The more we ignore it, the more we can claim ignorance and reduce liability… but none of us were elected to ignore liabilities,” Councilmember Chang commented in support for new legislation at a recent Public Works and Sustainability meeting.

Recently passed Resolution 14-23 seeks to initiate the process to identify and repair hazardous sidewalks throughout urban Honolulu. The Resolution calls for a study to be conducted by the City and reported to the Council and the Mayor’s office with conclusions for actionable solutions in remedying unsafe conditions. Once implemented, the City will gain a better understanding of the targeted areas that need improvement, and will coordinate a long-term plan to prevent hazardous environments from arising in the future.


Have a hazardous sidewalk condition to report? Use the Honolulu 311 phone app. This app will allow you to take a picture of the problem, write a description, and send GPS coordinates to the City.





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