For Taxpayers, It is a Critical Time at the Hawaii State Capitol-Several tax hikes proposed

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It is a crucial time at the Hawaii State Capitol. Now is the time for you to get involved and tell us what you think before Session ends next month. I will be sending you updates on various legislative subjects throughout the next several weeks. It is very important that you voice your opinion on these bills.

Today, I want to alert you to proposals by your state senators to raise the General Excise Tax (GET) and impose a Death Tax on assets that your families would inherit from you. All of us are suffering from the state’s economic crisis and your legislators should cut spending and government waste to balance the state budget. Instead, they are finding ways to take more money out of your pocket. They want to tax you to death and even after.


I urge you to read the article below and contact the senators to tell them we cannot afford any tax hikes! Please contact the senators- it is so important that they hear from each of you about this issue.

You can email all senators at or you may contact each by phone or fax by clicking on

”Please see my videos on these taxes:”

”General Excise Tax Increase:”

”Death Tax:”

Please share with me any suggestions or concerns you may have as well.
Thank you!

‘Rep. Kymberly Pine, R-Ewa, can be reached at (808) 586-9730’