Forbes: Hawaii is No. 1 Worst State To Make A Living

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Forbes magazine has released its Best And Worst States To Make A Living In 2014.

Hawaii was ranked the worst state.


About Hawaii, Forbes wrote: “At the other end of the spectrum–and a different corner of the map–Hawaii ranks as the worst place to make a living in 2014, due to a cost of living that stands at 157% the national average and a poor work environment score.

“New York follows close behind Hawaii. The Empire State’s sky-high cost of living and high income taxes indicate that “if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere”–but it might not be worth it. Mississippi, with low wages, low work-environment scores, and a high unemployment rate rounds out the bottom three.”

To determine the Best And Worst States to Make a Living, Forbes said it used the personal finance site, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, C2ER, and the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which helped determine the average salary, cost of living, employment rate, and workplace conditions for each state and its ranking.

The best places to make a living include Washington state, which tops the list.

Forbes wrote about the winners: “Though the “Evergreen State” received slightly below-average marks for cost of living and unemployment, strong performance with regard to wages, state taxes, and work environment kept Washington on top once again (the state took second place for the two consecutive years preceding its current reign at number one.)

“Texas scored second place with a winning combination of state tax, cost of living, and unemployment metrics, while Minnesota came in third due to low unemployment and a high work environment score.”





  1. I'm not surprised. I recall reading Forbes 1997 edition while at LAX, wherein Hawaii, the cover story, enumerated all the
    wrong steps we were making and all the steps we needed to take. The advice was soundly ignored of course. It will only get worse.

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