Former Congressman Ducking Debate Challenge

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BY DUTCH HANOHANO – Duke Aiona is ready to debate in-depth the most important issues facing our working families and small businesses, but our opponent seems content with the lack of substance and detail that characterized his primary election.

It was reported recently that our opponent said it’s not his “job” to debate Duke Aiona.
This campaign must be about issues in order for the people of Hawaii to make an informed decision on their choice for governor.
Our working families and small businesses are facing big challenges, and our opponent has yet to show how he’ll accomplish all the promises he’s making.
The people of Hawaii need real solutions, not just talk.
We encourage our opponent to accept Duke Aiona’s challenge to six in-depth debates focusing on a different issue per week beginning this Friday with jobs and the economy.
Dutch Hanohano is the campaign manager of the Duke Aiona and Lynn Finnegan campaign.