Former Gov. John Waihee launches new Homeowner SuperPAC on Sunday Radio

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Former Gov. John Waihee
Former Gov. John Waihee

BY GARY DUBIN, ATTORNEY AT LAW – Don’t miss this Sunday’s 3 p.m. Foreclosure Hour on KHVH-AM radio, featuring former Hawaii Governor John Waihee.

John and I are launching the HOMEOWNERS SUPER PAC on Sunday — a national political action committee providing financial muscle for what heretofore has been a sleeping giant.


This is the final solution, giving homeowners for the first time a seat at the nationwide decision making table.

Forget the overwhelmingly unfriendly federal and state courts and the phony federal and state agencies.

That has largely been a colossal and deceptive waste of time and energies.

We are instead going after major state reform legislation, organizing homeowners State by State with financial power, the only language the system understands or will every understand.

There are 5 major so-called banks and approximately 100 million of us homeowners.

The numbers speak for themselves.

John Waihee, with his extensive legislative, executive, and fund-raising leadership experience, has agreed to head the Homeowners Super PAC.

Starting this Sunday, we begin our effort to organize in every State.

The Super PAC will be promoting our unique Homeowners Bill of Rights and Wrongs that has been previewed on my radio show:

1. a new simplified and flexible, mandatory, five-page maximum, borrower-friendly form of mortgage, abolishing foreclosures in favor of conversion options protecting possession and equity;

2. A new mandatory state recording system, requiring proof of ownership of mortgage loans, or otherwise their escheat to the state to do with them as the people of each state decide;

3. The mandatory recording of copies of all promissory notes to end the rampant fraud in the present system and the threat to valid titles, and all of the usual phony chain of title disputes; and

4. The formation of a specialized mortgage court in each recorder’s jurisdiction staffed by knowledgeable judges to decide mortgage loan challenges.

And much more.

This Sunday we will change the content of the present debate and end the useless cry babying blogging and professorial lecturing otherwise taking us nowhere, in favor of how change comes about in America: organization and money.

Otherwise, women would have no right to vote, blacks would be in separate facilities, and union organizers would be in jail.

It is the homeowners’ time in American history to organize.

Gary Dubin is with the Dubin Law Offices in Honolulu, Hawaii





  1. Oh my goodness. Is this the same attorney Gary Dubin who served 19 months in federal prison on conviction of charges concerning moral turpitude and professional misconduct? Readers should run Dubin's name through Google (which I just did). The reason I recognized Dubin's name is that Dubin was attorney for Keanu Sai at the time of Sai's propaganda circus at the court of arbitration at the Hague. Dubin appeared onstage at UH sitting next to Sai in a panel discussion approximately 1999-2001. The panel included the attorney for Sai's so-called opponent Lance Larsen — a newly-minted law school graduate. Having previously done lots of research on Sai's "World Court" case, my very strong impression listening to the panel (especially listening to Mr. Dubin) was that any attorney representing either Sai or Larsen must be knowingly involved in a scam. I don't know whether Dubin's current efforts to defend clients against mortgage foreclosure is based on Keanu Sai's theories, or whether Dubin has abandoned Sai's theories. But either way, his history clearly shows lots of people regard him as a shady character. Teaming up with John Waihe'e adds more dirt to Dubin's dubious reputation.

    • Gary Dubin has been more forthcoming, informative and selflessly helpful than anyone else, in the 2 1/2 years since
      I've become familiarized with the disparaging plight of foreclosure: the indifferent & novice court system, the over-wrought, tired & detached judges, the hat and rabbit trick "drag out the time-and-money" lawyers, and the mobs of callous, flesh picking real estate vultures. I live in Oregon, and Gary has KINDLY replied to my every e-mail, on his own dime and time, to reach out with encouragement and answers, that have aided in directing my steps through this process, and alleviating my sense of powerlessness & fear – his show, THE FORECLOSURE HOUR, is EXCELLENT and I have been exponentially grateful that he has devotedly conducted it, with SUPERIOR guests, for the sake of those who have no other available resource like that, anywhere. So, Mr. Conklin, who he was or what he did (?) over a decade ago, is no more a deterrent to me than my own past should be to another…I shudder to remember myself 12 years ago; heck, yesterday! But I am one good soul, none-the-less, like yourself and your personal history, no doubt. Thank you, just the same, for trying to "whistleblow" in case there (might) have been applicable merit to it – not everyone is willing to raise alarm and risk themselves – I certainly applaud you, too. (Did you vote for Obama? 'Cuz if you did, then Gary shouldn't even be on the radar of your concerns…he doesn't even show up on the Richter scale of "moral turpitude and professional misconduct" compared to America's BIGGER problem…)

      • Aloha B. Wils. Thank you very much for your appreciation of the current incarnation of Gary Dubin. I hope your assessment is correct. However, his current partnership with John Waihe'e raises all kinds of red flags. Anyway, thanks for commenting.

  2. Hey Ken (Conklin), with the announcement by the War Report listing Hawaii as being under illegal occupation by your United States of America, I think you should be more concerned about being charged with War Crime, Felony or even Treason for the stupid things you have said about our Queen, her kingdom and its people. Oh and by the way because there is NO Treaty of Annexation and Hawaii is NOT a part of your United States of America under International Law and Hawaiian kingdom Law you are an illegal immigrant and because you are not welcomed here the time has come for you to shut your racist mouth, pack you bags and leave our islands before you are EVICTED!!!

    • Hey Dutchy, I appreciate your hate-filled venomous reply, because it helps Hawaii's citizens see what sort of monsters we are fighting.

      Regarding the Treaty of Annexation: Read all about it here: "Treaty of Annexation between the Republic of Hawaii and the United States of America (1898). Full text of the treaty, and of the resolutions whereby the Republic of Hawaii legislature and the U.S. Congress ratified it. The politics surrounding the treaty, then and now."

      People reading this, please go to the library to get my book (27 copies available), or get your own personal copy: "Hawaiian Apartheid: Racial Separatism and Ethnic Nationalism in the Aloha State"

  3. John…get a real time picture of yourself please…honesty first. Want someone to listen to you? I will if you get my note and deed of trust back from Wells Fargo Bank who has already been convicted of fraud in the last multi-billion dollar suit of mortgage lenders and servicers. I have real data on how they and the system be-frauded me and continue to do so.

  4. Hey Ken, there you go again getting your facts all wrong. The Republic of Hawaii was the illegally formed government created by the very insurgent's (Treason) who illegally overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom Government. Under International Law these crooks had no right or legal authority to enter into a treaty with anyone so, no matter what you say….you are wrong!!! What part of ILLEGAL don't you get, but guess if you could do it to the American Indians you can do it to us. WRONG!!! But of course when you are a supporter of the illegally occupying government called the United States of America and the Fake State of Hawaii of course you are going to promote your totally inaccurate and racist agenda. So, as you can clearly see, you are the one who is misleading everyone!!! Go to "" and educate yourself to not only our true history and the Intervention by the International Criminal courts, but to the War Crimes and Felonies people like yourselves could be facing due to your wrongful actions and comments such as those being made by this uneducated person. I hate to burst you bubble, but for the last time Kenny Baby…..THIS IS NOT AMERICA!!! So, once again time for you and the rest of your kind to pack your bags and leave you are NOT welcomed here!!!

  5. Hey Dutchy, there you go again getting the facts all wrong. The Republic of Hawaii was internationally recognized as the legitimate government of Hawaii by the same nations that previously recognized the monarchy. I'm talking about formal, "de jure" [lawful status] recognition in the form of letters personally signed by emperors, kings, queens, and presidents of at least 19 nations on 11 continents in 11 languages, in the Fall of 1894. The letters are in the state archives, and photos of them can be seen at the link below (along with Lili'uokalani's letter of abdication and oath of loyalty to the Republic). The Republic had exactly the same status as the monarchial government before it, including the right to make treaties with other nations. That's what happens after a revolution anywhere in the world: the new government gets recognized as the rightful one by the head of state of the other nations of the world. Now be a good boy and go look at the photos and read the accompanying information.

  6. When is this super pac getting started. I lost my home in Hilo to a predatory morgage company and have been powerless to fight the foreclosure after 2 years of seeking lawyers who had the guts to do what you guys finally have. Please tell me how I can contribute and perhaps be the first index case. My home was clearly stolen and no lawyer helped me. I lost not only my home but the retirement equity it contained!

  7. I don't understand this stated goal (perhaps poor syntax?): "…We need to reach and every homeowner in the nation to help us become the powerful lobby needed to make the necessary changes …."

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