Former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle Returns to California State University to Teach

Former Gov. Linda Lingle
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Former Gov. Linda Lingle

Former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle is returning to her alma mater this spring to teach an upper-division course on public policy in California State University, Northridge’s Department of Political Science.

Lingle said she hopes to tap into her contacts and experience from more than 30 years as a public servant, including eight as Hawaii’s governor, and give the more than 20 students in the senior seminar, Political Science 471A, a taste of what it truly means to create public policy, whether at the local, state or federal level.


“There is so much cynicism today,” she said. “And, there are people, including some who go into politics, who seem to feel ‘if you disagree with me, you’re a bad person and your motives are bad.’ That’s not the way it should be.


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