Former Hawaii State Senator, John S. Carroll, to Run for U.S. Senate

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HONOLULU, HAWAII – The following statement was released by candidate John S. Carroll during his official declaration to run for the U.S. Senate from the State of Hawaii at the Hawaii Republican Party Headquarters in Honolulu.

Our purpose here today is to announce my candidacy to represent the State of Hawaii in the United States Senate. I thank each of my friends here and the members of the press for coming and listening.


I particularly want to thank Keith Rollman for accepting the daunting task of winning this election to the U.S. SENATE.

I wish to thank Jonah Kauauai for allowing us to be here at Republican Party Headquarters. Jonah has done a good job in defining our Party’s principles and values. His ability to get a resolution passed at the convention, to oppose the Akaka Bill is both commendable and remarkable.

We are not going to run as “Not just another pretty face!!!” I rejected that for several reasons. Also, I assure you that I am not seeking a long career as a professional politician.

Hawaii should have the most solvent, secure and productive economy of any state in the union. We should be exporting our incredibly delicious fruits, pristine cattle, and our unique taro to world wide markets. We have developed, local technological products which should be marketed worldwide? But, do we? No!!! Why not? Because the cost of agricultural and livestock production is prohibitive because of the stranglehold that Federal shipping restrictions have on our State, it is not allowed for foreign or non-qualified ships to come here and then proceed to another US State.
These restrictions on shipping not only limit our ability to export, but drive the daily cost of living up for every resident of Hawaii.

In 1970 I introduced House Resolution 0014, an Anti Jones Act measure. Since that time the issue has been brought up briefly but generally this federally imposed restriction is not mentioned, made an issue even in Pacific Business News, whose editors “can’t decide whether or not it is bad for Hawaii”.

Homelessness, lack of other than service jobs, a State that depends on Federal tax dollars for survival is where we are. I have eight great grandchildren whom I will not abandon because it is “just too much for me to take on”.

I know what needs to be done to make our State number one. We have the people with the talent, the intelligence, the drive to achieve real success in life, but in Hawaii today, the opportunity is missing. As our Party platform recites, “EQUAL OPPORTUNITY” should be afforded to each of us.

My election will restore balance to our congressional representation. Mine will be a loud and strong voice for a large segment of our population which has been marginalized for far too long.

As I ride my bike around this island, along East Loch at Pearl Harbor, under the Freeway by the Airport, along the Mokuleia shore down to Laie, there are homeless children living in tents and cars and in whatever shelter they can find. I intend to insure that we build a solid base for Hawaii’s businesses and full employment.

No candidate is addressing these root problems with any proposal that makes any sense to me.

Our Country faces very similar problems and the only leaders I observe making anything like common sense, fiscally responsible comments are the US House Republicans. We need the US Senate to be doing what the House is doing. I will gladly join that fight.

SO, If you believe, as I do, that our country is on the wrong path, that we need to return to the values that made our country great, join me in my campaign to restore our economy, our public education system and national pride and security.

Fund raising has always been something I hated doing. I know now that I must. I am asking today that each person who agrees with what I intend to do, the values I hold to dig down deep, buy a stamp and an envelope and send us ONE DOLLAR and a commitment to get five other citizens to vote with you. I find it obscene that we have children living in cars and shacks while millions are spent touting the virtues of campaigners.

We intend to raise the money necessary to win this campaign. Your campaign contributions and your tax dollars will be precious to me.

I have the experience needed to do this job and bring a consistent set of conservative values that I share with so many of Hawaii’s people. I want fee simple ownership of Hawaiian Homes for the qualified lessees and I want every qualified Hawaiian to be given his parcel in fee. I intend to confer with Senator Akaka, a truly fine person, to make this happen. We are the only State that does not allow fee ownership of homestead lands.

If you believe, as I do, that Hawaii’s cost of living, lack of fairness for our Kanaka Maoli and shortage of good jobs continues to plague our Island home, join me in addressing these issues with the power of government cooperation, tax relief and our indomitable entrepreneurial spirit.

God Bless each of us, our Beautiful State and our Great Nation.

Mahalo Me Ke Aloha Pumehana

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  1. I am very pleased to endorse John Carroll for U.S. Senate. Here are three reasons:

    1. John has consistently opposed the Akaka bill throughout the eleven years it has been under consideration in Congress. The Republican Party membership also opposes the Akaka bill, as shown in its resolution passed at the state party convention on May 14, 2011
    However, some well-known so-called “Republican” candidates line up with the Democrats and aggressively push the Akaka bill. It’s time for the people of Hawaii to push back! This is the most dangerous piece of federal legislation ever to affect the State of Hawaii. Mahalo nui loa to John Carroll for his strong opposition to it.

    2. John favors converting leases on the Hawaiian Homelands to fee-simple ownership. He understands that individual fee-simple ownership, including the right to sell or bequeath one’s home without regard to race, is one of the most fundamental rights we have as U.S. citizens; and it provides a way for the homeowner to build wealth and escape dependence on government handouts.

    3. John favors repeal of the Jones Act — an act which protects ship-building companies and labor unions at the expense of higher prices on everything that comes to Hawaii on a ship.

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