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If identity is important to leadership, then I was first a farmerʻs son, helping my Dad with all aspects of planning, planting, maintaining, operating, harvesting and distributing, both ground crops and animal products. My formative childhood years were spent immersed that ancient agricultural cycle, morning to night—in Nature, working with animals and gardens to produce human benefits. I learned from childhood how to collaborate with these cycles.

Frame your story with leadership. rob_bollinger_dsc_0187
Alun Bollinger, renowned New Zealand Photographer, and Rob Kinslow, Assistant Camera, ArriFlex 35mm, on the set.

I learned about conservation of energy, bio-mimicry, less is more, footprint, responsibility—important behaviors and practices in sustainability. I learned   to nurture that which you have planted. And then, to plant more seeds, in our children’s consciousness. My values, visions, practice and message are fundamentally built on my early connections with Nature.


After graduating from high school, I attended the local community college, followed by the University of Maryland. Five part time jobs and five years later, I was awarded a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering. Why aerospace?

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