From Being Affectionate to Questioning Hypnosis

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”Affection – When is it Ok?”


Dear Dr. Gelb:

I went on four dates with this lady and we had fun. On the 5th date we enjoyed a humorous moment in a bookstore as we thumbed through an entertaining book, so I thought it was ok to give her a friendly hug. She got offended. Did I do something wrong?


Dear Hugs:

I don’t see anything wrong. If anything, it appears that “the offended” may have been inappropriate. Such a response could be reflecting a fear of intimacy.

”Hypnosis – What is it?”

Dear Dr. Gelb:

I heard you are a clinical hypnotherapist. What is hypnotherapy, can everyone be hypnotized?

Possibly Interested, but Skeptical

Dear Interested:

A study of the art of hypnosis could provide a comprehensive response to your question. Short of that, a simple explanation is that hypnosis can be understood as a process that can take one into a state of relaxation where the critical (discerning) factor of the conscious mind does not interfere with positive suggestions as offered by the hypnotherapist.

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