From Computer Skills to Sales Confidence

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Suzanne Gelb Image ‘Frustration — How Can I Make Friends With My PC?’ Q: Dear Dr. Gelb: I do a lot of work on my computer and sometimes things get all mixed up and the computer doesn’t behave the way I want it to, and I start clicking on this and clicking on that and it seems to just get worse. I get so angry that sometimes I just wanna throw this high-tech gadget in the ocean. Help. Throw It Away A: Dr. Gelb says . . . Dear Throw It Away: I can certainly understand the anger and frustration that you describe. However, for many people such frustration tends to be caused by the guilt they experience for being ignorant. Here’s a clue that has worked for me — many of us know very little about much of the high-tech equipment on the market nowadays, all we know is that we enjoy it when it works. In that respect, consider connecting with a reliable computer technician. Whatever it costs is likely to be well worth it. In fact, oftentimes, a knowledgeable technician may even be able to remedy the problem on the phone. ‘Selling Myself Short — Why Do I Do That?’ Q: Dear Dr. Gelb: I believe that I have a good product, but when it comes to promoting it, I feel shy and I actually question whether or not my product is as good as I think it is, so I tend to minimize its value. I think I’m missing a lot of sales because of my insecurity. Selling Myself Short A: Dr. Gelb says . . . Dear Selling Yourself Short: Many people tend to shoot themselves in the foot because of silly basic attitudes, which deny them feelings of pride and self-worth. Some of the thought patterns, which may be motivating such self-sabotage could be as follows: *Who do I think I am? Just a smart Aleck *Who told you that your service was worth anything? *You are just trying to build a better mousetrap, smart Aleck *Nobody’s going to believe you anyway, so why mention it. I imagine that by now you get the message. So if I were in your shoes, I’d try to reach down in my boots and find a little self-pride and self-worth and be willing to crow about my achievements. Do not be afraid to accentuate the positive aspects of your product and your service. ”Suzanne J. Gelb, Ph.D., J.D. authors this daily column, Dr. Gelb Says, which answers questions about daily living and behavior issues. Dr. Gelb is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Honolulu. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Human Services. Dr. Gelb is also a published author of a book on Overcoming Addictions and a book on Relationships.” ”This column is intended for entertainment use only and is not intended for the purpose of psychological diagnosis, treatment or personalized advice. For more about the column’s purpose, see” “An Online Intro to Dr. Gelb Says” ”Email your questions to More information on Dr. Gelb’s services and related resources available at”