From Mean Comments to Disgusting Behavior

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”Too Small to Please — What Should I Do?”


Q: Dear Dr. Gelb:

My husband teases me and tries to encourage me to have breast implants. I am ashamed and embarrassed about my small breasts, and in public my husband hurt my feelings by making a cruel joke in a party with friends that when I put my bra on backwards it fits better. What should I do?


A: Dr. Gelb says . . .

Dear Small:

If I were in your situation, probably the first step I would take would be to confront my husband about why he degrades me in front of our friends. A person who behaves in this way invariably has self shame that they hide by criticizing others. I would also consult closely with my family physician and request a referral for psychotherapy before I would even consider undergoing augmentation because it is a procedure that may not necessarily be positive for everyone.

”Spitting — Why Does it Bother Me?”

Q: Dear Dr. Gelb:

Why do I feel so grossed out when someone spits on the sidewalk or spits out their car window?

16 and growing

A: Dr. Gelb says . . .

Dear 16:

I hope that you never develop such a vulgar and gross habit. I can only encourage parents to teach their children, from a very young age, to respect the environment and the common areas that we all share. One astute individual suggested that the mayor ought to have a slogan painted on sidewalks which could read something along the lines of, “If you expect to rate in this state, do not expectorate.”

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