From Staying Motivated to Gaining Experience

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”Motivation – Why Does it Fade?”


Dear Dr. Gelb:

A few weeks ago, Hawaii Reporter printed a speech that President Bush made to the military in Florida. The speech was inspiring. Here’s the part that was relevant to the battles I am dealing with:

“The path we are taking is not easy, and it may be long. Yet we know our destination. We will stay on the path — mile by mile — all the way to Baghdad, and all the way to victory.”

My question is — now that some time has passed since I read that speech, the words are not as motivating and I could sure use the motivation. Why does motivation dwindle?


Dear Motivated:

I can only share my thoughts with you. I believe that the President and his advisors are doing a good job. We are the most powerful country and we have sophisticated combatant tools. Our soldiers are motivated by love and discipline, not hate. I do believe that there were misconceptions about the determination of the Iraqis, and that many have obviously been threatened, as determined from our intelligence, to fight or die. It appears that they are promised a good place in heaven even to the point of committing suicide.

I have no criticism of our leadership and its ability to prevail with the mission that our troops have been sent to accomplish. There is no way in my opinion, that that country can stand up to the punishment they are receiving. Even if many of the civilians turn terrorist and sacrifice their lives, it does not appear that they can win. I believe the President when he says that this fight is to free those deprived people over there from this dictator who values no life whatsoever.