Game with Hussein: Tragedy Ready to Happen

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In response to the question on how anyone, given all the mounting evidence, can still object to sending our troops in, I have the
following five words:

”’Neville Chamberlin and Joseph Kennedy.”’


Even with the painful lessons of Hitler, Stalin, Krustchev, Castro, and Pol Pot, Appeasers and America-Haters still beat the anti-war drum. You’ll never convince them. Don’t bother trying.

Remember: After WWI, the League of Nations signed a treaty forbidding Germany from rearming. When Hitler began to rearm Germany, the LON signed another treaty. Then Hitler invaded Poland … and they signed ”’another”’ treaty … then he began to massacre his own people, and the LON signed ”’another”’ treaty … the current UN Resolution Fiasco is a replay with Hussein, and for those of us who actually read our history books, it’s a tragedy waiting to happen … and the Democrats will be remembered for having opposed it.

”’Joshua L. Hubbell is a resident of Los Angeles, California and can be reached via email at”’