Garbage: They Make It, They Should Take it

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According to “The State of Hawaii’s Business Resource Site” there were 586,338 visitors on our island last month. These tourists produce garbage that must be disposed of.

According to the last census taken in the year 2000, there are 876,156 permanent residents on Oahu. These residents also produce garbage that must be disposed of.


Therefore, approximately two thirds of the garbage produced in the City and County of Honolulu are produced by visitors from off island.

Instead of disposing of the combined total (residents plus visitors) garbage in our quickly filling Waimanalo Gulch landfill, why not send the two thirds of our garbage generated by the visitors off island, and retain for disposal only the one third actually created by the people who live here?

What could be more fair?

They make it. They should take it.

Shipping garbage off island, where its components and producers originally came from, combined with recycling, H-Power and developing new technologies is, indeed, a long term solution.

”’Stann W. Reiziss is a resident of Kailua, Hawaii”’