Geraldo Unveils Line of Non-Threatening Ethnic Hoodies

Geraldo models one of his Non-Threatening ethnic hoodies.
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Geraldo models one of his Non-Threatening ethnic hoodies.

Today, FOX television commentator  Geraldo Rivera launched a new clothing line featuring non-threatening hoodies for Hispanic and Black customers.  Following the unroar over his on air comments that minorities shouldn’t wear hoodies because they appear threatening to gun toting vigilantes, Geraldo felt compelled to do something positive.

“I took a lot of flak over that statement, ” said Rivera “But, I had this idea in my back pocket all along.”


The line features non-threatening colors like pink and lavender, and licesensed characters like Hello Kitty and Disney Princesses.

“Pretty hard to be mistaken for a thug wearing that fruity stuff,” said one fashion editor.

Each garment comes with a special booklet Geraldo prepared to give more specific recommendations on targeting non-hispanic and non-black regular hoodie wearers; where his “shoot first” advice might not be appropriate.


Geraldo's Hoodie Shooter's Guide helps you make those difficult non-Black and non-Hispanic lethal force decisions.


Geraldo's golden rule: "When in doubt, shoot it out!"