GOP Candidates for Lieutenant Governor/Governor Launch New We Series

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HONOLULU – Duke Aiona and Lynn Finnegan today launched the first in a series of videos they will share online to discuss real solutions that will benefit all of Hawai‘i. The first spot, “Piston,” focuses on job creation, which will be Duke Aiona and Lynn Finnegan’s top priority as Governor and Lt. Governor.

The 30-second web video consists of time-lapse driving sequences, seeing the islands through Duke Aiona’s perspective as we hear his thoughts.


The web video can be viewed online at or Duke Aiona and Lynn Finnegan’s YouTube channel at

The following is a transcript of Duke Aiona and Lynn Finnegan’s first web video, “Piston.”

Duke Aiona (as voice over): Higher taxes. Regulations. A large bureaucracy.

These have never created a single job. So how can Hawai‘i rediscover the path toward good-paying jobs?

Holding the line on taxes… so you can keep more of your own money.

Cutting the red tape that has a stranglehold on small businesses that want to create jobs.

And a mindset that the people of Hawai‘i deserve a principled governor whose number one priority… is creating jobs.

Submitted by Travis Taylor for the Aiona Finnegan campaign