GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Duke Aiona Launches First TV Ad

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HONOLULU, HAWAII – Duke Aiona, the leading Republican candidate for Governor, today announced the launch of his gubernatorial campaign’s first television ad, “Two Live.” The 60-second spot weaves together animated, two-dimensional images with a narrative outlining Duke Aiona’s accomplishments from the past with his vision for the future.

The ad will be broadcast statewide beginning today. The timing of the ad’s launch coincides with a grassroots effort to raise funds to keep the ad up on television and increase the number of times it is broadcast statewide.


“I am proud of the work I have done to improve the lives of Hawai‘i’s families, and I want to share my accomplishments and vision for a better Hawai‘i with voters,” said Lt. Governor Duke Aiona. “This television ad, and others like it, will enable me to build a strong, winning campaign in the final weeks leading up to Election Day.”

Watch the ad online at

Below is a transcript of the ad.

He could’ve been satisfied with career success. But Duke Aiona wanted to build something more than an impressive resume. He wanted to improve the lives of those around him.

From starting the innovative Hawai‘i Drug Court Program as a judge…to writing the Hawai‘i Drug Control Plan as Lieutenant Governor…Duke Aiona led the fight to curtail drug abuse and underage drinking.

To help families keep more of their hard-earned money, he’s fought against reckless government spending and tax increases, while eliminating bureaucratic red tape…saving millions of dollars.

To help protect jobs – just like yours – he’s been a steadfast supporter of small businesses of every kind…visiting over 100 small business owners in 100 days to gather their ideas to grow Hawai‘i’s jobs.

And through it all, Duke Aiona has never lost touch with his roots…his sense of community… and his commitment to ‘ohana.

And isn’t that exactly what we need in our next governor?

Submitted by Travis Taylor, Communications Director, Friends of Duke Aiona