GOP Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso Announces Plan for Innovation and Economy

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HONOLULU, SEPTEMBER 27, 2010— Cam Cavasso, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate Seat currently held by Daniel Inouye, today released the first element of his four-part plan to revive the economy and create jobs in Hawaii and throughout the nation.  The “Plan for Jobs and a 21st Century Economy” is available at The three additional elements of the plan will be released weekly over the final weeks of the campaign.

Part I of “Plan for Jobs and a 21st Century Economy,” titled “Innovation and the Economy” focuses on creating jobs for Hawaii by building a world-class information technology infrastructure, reinventing healthcare to control costs and put decisions in the hands of patients and their doctors, and investing in energy independence as economic security.


“Senator Inouye and his friends in Washington continue to present old solutions to problems in the New Economy.  Big government, even bigger bureaucracy, wasteful spending and Wall Street handouts have not created jobs and not ended the recession.  These old solutions have not worked the past two years, nor will they,” Cavasso said. “It’s time to focus on innovative solutions in healthcare, in energy policy and in technology to promote economic growth and job creation.”

Cavasso represented District 51 in Windward Oahu for three terms in the Hawaii State Legislature from 1984 – 1990.  For 22 years, he has worked as a financial advisor with Mass Mutual Financial Group, and he owns a small farm in Waimanalo. A former Captain in the U.S. Army, Cavasso’s family roots in Hawaii trace back to the 1800’s when his great-grandfather served as the photographer to the royalty in the Hawaiian Kingdom.  He resides with his wife Tula, two sons, three daughters, and nine grandchildren in Windward Oahu.

For more information about Cavasso’s policy positions, which include a smaller, more responsive federal government that is forced to live within its means and a focus on traditional values, please visit

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