Gov. Lingle Releases $65.5 Million for School Improvement Projects

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    HONOLULU – Governor Linda Lingle has released $65,500,000 to the Department of Education (DOE) for repair and maintenance projects to public school campuses and DOE facilities statewide.

    The funds will be used as part of an effort to implement an estimated $140,500,000 worth of repairs and improvements at close to 250 public schools across the state, including O‘ahu ($46 million), Big Island ($8.9 million), Maui County ($7.5 million) and Kaua‘i ($3.1 million).


    The planned projects include electrical repairs, reroofing, resurfacing of driveways, drainage improvements, computer lab repairs, replacing doors and windows, fire alarm upgrades, air conditioning improvements, ventilation and ceiling fan upgrades, handicap ramps, restroom renovations, new fences, new cafeteria equipment, installing safety railings, plumbing repairs, parking lot improvements, and various structural improvements.  See attached list of projects.

    “These repairs and upgrades are vital to the safety of our students and teachers and will ensure our public school campuses offer comfortable environments that are conducive to learning,” said Governor Lingle.  “In addition, the State’s focus on repair and maintenance of public schools and our ongoing capital improvement project plan to modernize public facilities statewide is helping to stimulate the economy and create jobs for our residents.”

    The release of the remainder of funds will be requested by the DOE as part of future appropriations.

    Submitted by the governor’s office