Government Should Take Money from the Honolulu Rail Fund to Balance Budget Rather than Raise Taxes – Enough Already, People are Suffering

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“Hawaii’s money problems may get worse when a panel of economists release their newest forecast Thursday. So far, the state is facing a $1.2 billion shortfall through June of next year, but that deficit could increase because taxes flowing to the government have fallen short of expectations.”

Government is already talking about more layoffs and the legislature is talking raising taxes again.


Meanwhile, Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann continues with this charade some of us call rail and others refer to as “Mufi-asco”.

Even though the mayor is expected to step down by the July deadline to run for governor, he stubbornly continues his arrogant stance of trying to jam rail down the people’s throats, paying for polls and advertising for rail with anti-railers hard earned tax dollars. Has anyone had enough of these political games?

When you’re single, have a good job, have no family and are still barely able to get by, well, this may be an indication that something is wrong with the way our government is running things.

The rail fund needs to be raided before this state gets itself into a hole it cannot get out of, a hole that is continually getting deeper with each passing month; even as the Advertiser continues to remind us the worst of the recession is over.

A fellow anti-railer compared Hanneman’s behavior to that of a teenager, “Mayor Mufi Hannemann is like a kid telling his teacher (Governor Linda Lingle) that he didn’t do his homework, doesn’t know when he will, but he needs an “A” in the class because his parents will buy him a video game system as a reward.”

I mean people are suffering, families are struggling; the legislature needs to do what they should have done long ago, when these problems first started to become serious: raid the rail fund.