Governor Completes Cabinet-Here is How to Contact Them

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Here is a list of Gov. Linda Lingle’s new cabinet, their departments and how to contact them.

*”(DAGS) Department of Accounting and General Services”, (808) 586-0400, Comptroller Russ Saito, Deputy Comptroller Katherine Thomason


*”(DOA) Board of Agriculture”, (808) 973-9551, Chair Sandra Lee Kunimoto

*”(AG) Department of Attorney General”, (808) 586-1282, Attorney General Mark Bennett, First Deputy Attorney General Richard Bissen

*”(B&F) Budget and Finance”, (808) 586-1518, Director Georgina Kawamura, Acting Deputy Director Stanley Shiraki

*”(DBEDT) Dept. of Business, Economic Development and Tourism,” (808) 586-2355, Director Ted Liu

*”(DCCA) Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs,” (808)586-2850, Director Mark Recktenwald

*”(DOD) Department of Defense,” (808) 733-4246, Adjutant General Robert Lee, Deputy Adjutant General Gary Ishikawa

*”(DHHL) Dept. of Hawaiian Home Lands,” (808) 586-3800; Chair Micah Kane

*”(DOH) Dept. of Health,” (808) 586-4410, Director Chiyome Fukino M.D., Deputy Director Jane Kadohiro, P.H., A.P.R.N., C.D.E.

*”(DHRD) Dept. of Human Resources Development,” (808) 587-1100, Director Kathleen Watanabe

*”(DHS) Dept. of Human Services,” (808) 586-4997, Director Lillian B. Koller

*”(DLIR) Dept. of Labor & Industrial Relations,” (808) 586-8844, Chair Nelson Befitel

*”(DLNR) Dept. of Land & Natural Resources” (808) 587-0400, Chair Peter Young

*”(DPS) Dept. of Public Safety,” (808) 587-1288, Interim Director James Propotnick

*”(DOTAX) Dept. of Taxation,” (808) 587-1510, Deputy Director Kurt Kawafuchi

*”(DOT) Dept. of Transportation,” (808) 587-2150, Director Rod Haraga