Governor Outlines Philosophy on Hawaii Taxes

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”’Editor’s note: Gov. Linda Lingle signed a pledge in 2002 not to raise taxes while she is governor, but she broke that pledge when she signed the conveyance tax increase into law at the conclusion of the 2005 legislative session. She also promised during the 2002 election to push for elimination of state taxes on food and medical services, but three years into her 4-year term has not. Prior to each legislative session in 2003, 2004 and 2005, and just before the special session in 2005, Lingle pledged to seek tax reductions, noting Hawaii is the highest overall taxed state in the nation. And finally, despite pleas from thousands of residents to veto a bill that allows the counties to increase the state’s General Excise Tax by an additional 12.5 percent, the governor allowed HB 1309 to become law. With that in mind, Hawaii Reporter asked Gov. Linda Lingle to put her philosophy about taxes in writing. Here is the rely sent by Linda Smith, the governor’s senior policy director.”’

As outlined below Gov. Linda Lingle has consistently proposed, supported and worked to implement tax relief for Hawaii