Governor Signs Anti-Domestic Violence Bill, Extends Protection for Keiki

Governor Signs Anti-Domestic Violence Bill
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Governor Signs Anti-Domestic Violence Bill
Governor Signs Anti-Domestic Violence Bill

HONOLULU – On Friday, Governor Neil Abercrombie signed House Bill 1993 into law.  This new law strengthens and enhances Hawaii’s criminal law prohibiting physical abuse of family or household members.

District 14 Representative Derek Kawakami introduced the bill at the request of the County of Kauai Office of the Prosecuting Attorney. The bill extends domestic abuse protections by making it a felony to abuse a family or household member in the presence of a juvenile under the age of 14.


Prosecuting Attorney Justin F. Kollar thanked Rep. Kawakami for his hard work shepherding the bill through both houses of the legislature: “Children who grow up seeing domestic violence in their homes are often traumatized, and experience a wide range of difficulties later in life. We need to break that cycle. Family is so important in Hawai‘i. It is our mission to seek justice for all victims of domestic violence, and thanks to the hard work of our Kaua‘i legislative delegation, each of whom supported this bill, and our local law enforcement partners, we have another way to execute that mission.”





  1. this law is insane and dangerous to our individual liberties.this brings the tyrannical forces of law-enforcement into family members' private lives. it's not the state's mission to seek "justice" for "all" victims of domestic violence.this is a mission for family members,friends,neighbors and local community and churches.not government. there will be a lot of abuse to citizens by the so called justice system and police brutalities. it expands power of law ebforcement and social work bureaucracies.

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