Governors Blast Health Care Debacle

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With the immoral and intrusive Obama health care plan on the verge of passing both houses of the U.S. Congress, twenty Republican governors and governors-elect sent a letter to the House and Senate leaders urging them to pass “meaningful health care reform, not hastily prepared partisan legislation which omits reform and saddles American taxpayers for generations to come.”

“Governors of both parties have said for months how bad this bill is for the states and our nation,” said Republican Governors Association chairman Haley Barbour. “Now is the time for leaders in Congress to finally listen and restart this process so they can get health care reform right.”


The RGA blasted the lack of transparency in the legislative process and called the current health care bills “a lost opportunity to improve the lives of Americans, create a sustainable system of health care and help stabilize both our state and national economies.”

The governors assert that the House and Senate bills fail to fix the broken Medicaid and Medicare systems and instead entitle 15-20 million more people to Medicaid. The net result of this expansion “will be a significant cost shift to those privately insured around the country” and will further damage already hurting state budgets.

The RGA also criticized the inflexibility forced upon states in the current bills. The governors write that the current proposals would eliminate the ability of states to negotiate Medicaid provider rates and force the states into a one-size-fits-all, federally-designed health insurance exchange.

While the mainstream news media continue to hype President Barack Obama’s health care aspirations in the midst of a dismal economic picture in the United States, more and more states are debating the prospect of declaring sovereignty.

According to political experts such as strategist Mike Baker, Americans are becoming disenchanted with the federal government’s lack of perspective on issues of great concern