Graduation rate revisions prompt DOE to build capacity around data quality

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Graphic by Emily Metcalf

REPORT FROM THE DOE – The Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE) today reported revised high school graduation rate results. The data changes affect the statewide graduation rate percentage, graduation rates for 37 high schools and the status of 11 schools in the Strive HI Performance System.

The Strive HI Performance System is designed to measure and understand school performance and progress and help tailor rewards, supports and interventions for improvement.

Following an internal review of 2012 graduation rate data initially reported in August, the DOE identified a programming omission that incorrectly coded outcomes for 205 students. The DOE immediately corrected the data and notified affected schools.


“Learning of data errors, particularly this late in the year, is frustrating, complicates communication with school faculties and communities, and disrupts improvement efforts,” said Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi. “There is no excuse for these errors. We have notified affected schools and I have directed a number of internal actions designed to ensure the accuracy and transparency of our data processes.”

Specifically, the DOE is implementing quality assurance processes to ensure the integrity of data collection and use. 

“The Strive HI Performance System transforms the way we look at the performance of our schools so we can have a deeper understanding of their progress and what’s needed to improve,” said Deputy Superintendent Ronn Nozoe. “Our complex area superintendents, principals and teachers are using the Strive HI data to have meaningful conversations and take action to improve student outcomes.”

Under the Strive HI Performance System, schools earn points based on achievement, growth, readiness and achievement gap measures. In combination with additional factors, schools are classified into one of the following five steps: Recognition, Continuous Improvement, Focus, Priority and Superintendent’s Zone.  

For most of the 37 high schools with corrected graduation rates, there are minor changes to their Index score and no changes to their Strive HI classification. The updated Strive HI Performance Systems Results are posted

The corrections to the statewide graduation rate are: 

Statewide graduation rate
Graduation Rate – Class of 2012
Originally reported %
Revised %
All Students
82 (82.3%)
81 (80.9%)
80 (79.7%)
78 (77.7%)
Students with disabilities
73 (73.4%)
60 (60.1%)
English language learners (ELL)
56 (55.8%)
52 (51.7%)
Asian/Pacific Islander
84 (83.5%)
82 (82.0%)
76 (76.4%)
76 (75.8%)
76 (76.3%)
76 (75.7%)
Native American
65 (65.4%)
No change
79 (79.1%)
78 (77.8%)

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