Grassroot Perspective – July 2, 2003-Without Significant Reform, These Programs Are Not Sustainable; Women and Guns; Cover the Uninsured Solution #5: Eliminate Guaranteed Issue; A Climate Change Primer: It’s the Sun!

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– Without Significant Reform, These Programs Are Not Sustainable

On March 17, 2003 the government released its 2003 Social Security &
Medicare Trustees’ report. This year’s report explains like never
before just how serious Social Security’s long-term problem really are:

*Within 5 years, these programs will go from providing revenue to the Treasury to requiring funds from the Treasury.

*By 2040, these programs will consume nearly half of all federal income tax receipts.

Above article is quoted from National Center for Policy Analysis March
17, 2003

– Women and Guns

American women are often taught to rely on emergency 911 police
responses in the event of physical aggression. Unfortunately, more than
95 percent of 911 calls cannot be dispatched to police in time to stop
a crime or arrest a suspect.

This sad statistic is unlikely to improve significantly in the near
future because almost every state has ruled that police have no legal
obligation to protect citizens from crime.

The slowness of 911 emergency response — and the ineffectiveness of
restraining orders issued by today