Gridiron 2013: #SequesterThis – a Hit!

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Journalists, recovering journalists and other talented actors, singers and dancers put on the show Gridiron 2013: #SequesterThis over the weekend.

Proceeds from the 2.5 hour show, which was produced by Keoki Kerr of Hawaii News Now and former Honolulu Advertiser journalist Robbie Dingman, benefits the Society of Professional Journalists’ internship program.


The songs and skits poked fun at a variety of politicians, leaders, and celebrities and the problems they cause in Hawaii.

Gordon Pang of the Star Advertiser played a self absorbed MRC Greenwood, still president of the University of Hawaii until August 31.

Dan Cooke of Hawaii News Now appeared as former Gov. Linda Lingle in a star spangled bathing suit, while at a conference in Alaska for ex-Republican governors with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Chad Blair of Civil Beat was a convincing Gov. Neil Abercrombie who can’t dance, but nevertheless, tried to dance Gangham style.

Jodi Leong, formerly of KITV News, played a variety parts including Senate President Donna Mercado Kim, while Mahealani Richardson of KITV played the role of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

The “real” Senate President Donna Kim was in the audience on Saturday during the matinee.

On Friday, Gov. Neil Abercrombie also attended and stood up to dance during the number that claimed he didn’t know how to dance.

Several skits poked fun at the many problems that have occurred at the University of Hawaii over the last two years, including the so called “Wonder Blunder,” the failed Stevie Wonder concert that never took place at the University campus because school officials were dealing with scammers and not the real Wonder agent, CCA.

The University also took hits for its lack of transparency and for President MRC Greenwood’s battles with Senate President Kim’s special investigative committee.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell also took heat from the cast for always wanting attention on himself and not the many problems Honolulu faces.

One of the best performances of the night was by radio reporter Wayne Yoshioka who played Senate Judiciary and Labor Chair Clayton Hee during his attack on local journalists over the Hawaii shield law. Hee, through his political games, ultimately killed Hawaii’s journalism shield law that was revered nationwide for the 5 years it was in existence, but then tried to blame the House.

Congratulations to the very talented cast and crew in the 2013 Grid Iron Show, and we’ll all look forward to Grid Iron 2015.





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