Hanabusa Sees Common Values, Opportunities in State of the Union

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Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Colleen Hanabusa (HI-01) found a lot to like in President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address today, seeing numerous opportunities for her state.

“The President delivered an important message tonight,” Hanabusa said. “We are prepared to do the hard work it will take to build and support the America we want for the future. He addressed the issues that people care about, both in Hawaii and across the nation.


Hanabusa also felt that the President’s message will resonate in her district. “I would like to believe that we all share common values. American values are Hawaii values,” she said “We share a concern for families who continue to struggle. We share a commitment to educating the next generation so they are prepared for success, as previous generations were committed to us.  We share the responsibility to respect the promises we made to our seniors.”

“Hawaii was built on the values the President talked about,” Hanabusa continued. “Responsibility, fairness, and an honest reward for hard work. Those are the values that our parents lived by, and the values that inspired them to lay the foundation for our success today.”

Obama’s message also bode well for Hawaii’s economy. “The President’s vision for America’s energy future also provides Hawaii with real opportunities,” Hanabusa said. “We have known for a long time that Hawaii provides natural resources that make it a prime location for alternative energy research, including wind, solar, geothermal, and wave action. Our national commitment to alternative energy sources gives our state an opportunity to not only expand our economic base, but also to provide technology-sector jobs that will offer our next generation a future in Hawaii.”





  1. Of course she finds the President’s State of the Union appealing. She is an idiot.
    I wrote to her recently asking why she did not vote for a balanced budget. I eventually received a long winded email letter back from her and at the bottom was “We all have to pay our fair share and we need to tax those who are not paying their fair share.” She means “The Rich.”

    Of course the 51% of Americans who pay not taxes at all or the Companies like G.E. who do not pay a dime in taxes or those Companies who spout “Green Energy” like Solyndra who funnel our tax Dollars given to them by the Obama Machine get the huge amounts of our Tax Dollars back to the Obama Campaign as Campaign Contributions is not mentioned anywhere in her reply.

    More symptoms of idot Politicians from Hawaii, (we are good at that) and a totally corrupt system.

    Mike G.

  2. Buh bye Hanabusa.
    Hope hope you feel the swinging door on your backside, just like the POTUS

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