Hannemann: Honolulu Civil Beat Poll Showing Him Behind in Gubernatorial Race is Faulty

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann sent this email to supporters of his gubernatorial campaign today, challenging a recent poll in Honolulu Civil Beat showing him behind in the polls when compared with former Congressmember Neil Abercrombie. Both are Democrats who will face off in next Saturday’s primary election.

Aloha Team,


First of all, as we count down to the final week before the Primary Election, Gail and I send our heartfelt thanks for all that you’ve done and continue to do in support of my candidacy.

In every corner of this state, each and every day, I feel the energy and momentum that is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to your efforts.  I know that campaigns mean long days and long nights and time away from family – and I hope that I can honor your generosity and the sacrifices you make through my service.  Together we will make Hawaii the best place to live, work and raise our families.

While we are all energized by the fact that we’re so very close to our goal, sadly, the final days of any campaign give rise to rumors, innuendos and misinformation all intended to sap our energy and dim our hope.  Don’t let any of this discourage you.

Yesterday, an online blog, Civil Beat, released a poll in our race that might get some of you concerned.  Don’t be.

The fact is Civil Beat’s poll conflicts not only with our own polls conducted by the highly credible, Hawaii-based polling company, Q-Mark Research but also with the results of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and Hawaii News Now poll, released 12 days ago.  Both polls showed the race in a statistical dead heat.

We issued the following statement to the news media yesterday:
“Mufi and our grassroots supporters have been on the road every single day, talking to people, canvassing neighborhoods and calling voters.  What we are seeing, hearing and feeling is that support for Mufi is increasing with every day as more people carefully consider the messages of both candidates and are agreeing that Mufi’s focus on to fixing the economy is what Hawaii needs right now.

Additionally, our campaign was bolstered by winning the coveted key endorsement by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser who chose Mufi as the candidate with “the right skills to put Hawaii back in business.” With regard to the poll commissioned by Civil Beat, we’d like to point out the following:

The poll used an automated voice asking people to push buttons on their phone.  Clearly, it did not screen for registered voters or for voters who would pull a democratic ballot – that alone makes the poll suspect.  We cannot tell who likely responded to the poll or who did not.  There are no demographics of any kind and there is no way to verify who picked up the phone and participated.

Coincidently, just before the 2008 mayoral race, a similar, automated telephone poll was conducted.  It showed Ann Kobayashi leading Mufi Hannemann in the mayoral race.  But instead, Hannemann won the election comfortably, 56% to 41%, proudly winning all council districts.”
We’re going to win this race the way we’ve won every other – by working hard and believing in the wisdom of the people of Hawaii.

The most important thing you can do is to tell your friends and loved ones to vote in this election.  Every single vote will make a huge difference on Primary Day and we’ve got to get people to participate in the only poll that really matters.

Again, my heartfelt thanks for your help, your trust and your contribution in putting us over the top come September 18th!

I’mua Team Hannemann.





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