Hannemann Needs to Resign as Mayor Immediately

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by Panos Prevedouros, mayoral candidate – We are pleased that Mufi Hannemann has finally decided to run for Governor but we are disappointed that he did not resign from his current position as Mayor of Honolulu.

For several months now he has been campaigning for Governor and collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for his run for Governor while at the same time receiving full salary from Honolulu taxpayers. This is clearly not in the best interest of Oahu.


Hannemann needs to do the right thing and resign immediately or at least commit to resign by June 30, 2010 so that the Council has adequate time to declare a Honolulu Mayor race that can take place at no extra cost during the September Primary Elections.

We look forward to the race for Honolulu mayor. We’re ready to stop the rail, and ready to fix Oahu with Smart Sensible Solutions.

Panos Prevedouros is a candidate for mayor in 2010 and a professor of traffic engineering at the University of Hawaii





  1. Panos Prevedouros did not resign his position as a tenured University of Hawaii professor when he campaigned for Mayor in 2008, collected thousands in contributions, all the time while receiving a full salary from Hawaii taxpayers.

  2. Keith,

    You are supposed to be chief of information for the city, not chief of misinformation. I will explain this for you in detail within a week.

    Meanwhile may I suggest that you do the job we pay you to do? That is to update the City’s website. Boise Correa is out of HPD for months and Dana Takahara out of Customer Services for a year, yet both appear as the directors of the respective city departments.

  3. When I am on my own time in my home, I’m just an ordinary citizen, Mr. Prevedouros, with the same constitutional rights that you enjoy. Your attempts at suppression are duly noted.

  4. Now that I am back at work I would like to respond in my official capacity at the city:

    I am happy to report that the Honolulu.gov cabinet directory page that Panos Prevedouros found errors on has been corrected, and the system for updated information being sent to the webmaster has been streamlined to avoid any delays in posting changes. Thank you, Professor, for taking the time to assist the city in providing correct information on it’s Website. We welcome the public’s assistance in helping us to catch any errors on any of our thousands of Web pages.

    To correct the record, I am not the CIO for the city, that position is held by Director Gordon Bruce. Mr. Bruce has done a terrific job as the city’s CIO and renovated our archaic systems, updated our main hardware, introduced advanced ERP solutions, supervised the conversion to cost saving VOIP phones systems, and restored the integrity and interoperability of our first-responder communications system. Due to his good work and that of our entire department, Honolulu is consitently ranked in the top ten for major U.S. cities for advanced use of technology by Digital Cities.

    Keith Rollman
    Senior Advisor
    Department of Information Technology
    City & County of Honolulu

  5. I, Panos Prevedouros, went into leave of absence without pay from UH on July 16, 2008 although UH/UHPA written guidelines do not require a leave of absence for non-partisan races.

    Leave of absence without pay means that not only I do not receive salary but also I pay family insurance out of pocket, and my pension contributions go down to zero.

    Most UH-Manoa professors are paid a 9 month salary. Our duty period officially ends on May 15. So when I campaign after May 15, I do not use any of my state-paid salary.

    UH teaching/research faculty such as myself receive a summer salary or “research overload” during the three summer months. These monies in my case are 80%-100% federal funds that I competitively won through research proposals. This part of my salary was lost in 2008 for a total income loss of $20,000 not including out-of-pocket insurance payments and pension loss.

    I expect a similar income loss in the 2010 elections cycle as well.

    How does this compare with Hannemann’s and Caldwell’s taxpayer funded salaries during their political campaigning?

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