Has Anything Really Changed?

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Has anything really changed in the Catholic Church in the USA? Are bishops looking outward (“policy changes, audits, new procedures”) rather than inward (the spiritual state of their soul) for solutions to problems in today’s Church?

Is the setting up of “committees” made up of laypeople, to investigate sexual abuse claims good for the priesthood? Can we no longer trust other priests to investigate these matters? Does not this cast a dark shadow on all priests — even the good priests who truly love the Church?


The very fact that policy changes became necessary, and audits are necessary to see that these policies are being followed in each diocese, shows that something is very wrong with the spirituality of bishops in the USA (and elsewhere). Is it therefore truthful to call them “good Shepherds”?

How many good priests have already been falsely accused, and taken from the community they served and loved, while awaiting the completion of an investigation that may, or may not prove their innocence?

Is it not also a great scandal, and another sign that something is seriously wrong in the priesthood when investigative committees within a diocese, made up of laypeople, become a necessity? Have not they become necessary because bishops have not followed God’s Holy Will in the past, and they are not trusted to follow His Holy Will in the future in these type matters?

If bishops are unable to discern the state of the soul of an innocent or guilty priest, how can they be trusted to discern the state of the souls of others in their care? Is not spiritual lukewarmness in the priesthood, which has contaminated many bishops (and priests), the greatest scandal in today’s Church?

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