Hawaii: Anti-Gun Bill Deferred by Senate Committee

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NRA ALERT – Yesterday, Senate Bill 2975 was heard in the state Senate Public Safety, Government Operations and Military Affairs Committee (PGM). Introduced by state Senator Shan Tsutsui (D-4), this anti-gun legislation would mandate that all Hawaii gun owners report the theft of a stolen firearm within 72 hours of discovering that theft.

This legislation serves to penalize victims of crimes by making them criminals for failing to file a report. Such legislation has no impact on real crime fighting, serves to slow down law enforcement and holds gun owners responsible for the actions of criminals.

The NRA thanks all of our members for communicating with the members of the PGM Committee.  As a result of your efforts, this bill was deferred by the committee, which is a positive sign, but we will continue to watch the measure closely.


Other positive news is that the House companion to SB 2975, House Bill 2029, introduced by state Representative Gilbert Keith-Agaran (D-9), has not yet been scheduled for a hearing.  The crossover deadline for a bill to be submitted to the opposite state House is March 8. The NRA will keep you abreast of any movement on these measures.