Hawaii Carpenters Union Endorses Mufi Hannemann for Governor

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The state’s largest construction union, The Hawaii Carpenters Union, Local 745 (HCU), announced its endorsement of Mufi Hannemann to serve as Hawaii’s next governor at a press conference held today at the union’s headquarters in Honolulu.

Ron Taketa, Financial Secretary and Business Representative of the Carpenters said Hannemann’s effective leadership and extensive experience in public service, as well as his lifelong commitment to Hawaii’s working families, were key to the union’s selection in this crucial election year.


“Unemployment within our construction industry as well as every other sector of our economy is at an all-time high,” said Taketa.  “We must have a new administration with the ability and vision to pull everyone together to overcome these difficult times and to make these islands a better home for all of our people.”

“I take this as confirmation that I have a message and record that resonates with everyday people,” said Mufi Hannemann.  “I am honored and humbled that an organization that stands so strongly for decent jobs and lives for our citizens has put faith in me.”

Hannemann’s determined commitment to cooperative job creation and diversified economic growth, improving schools and government services by working closely with county mayors, the legislature and our congressional delegation, and his forward-looking agenda as governor were highlighted in his recent appearance before the Hawaii Carpenters Biennial Convention earlier this month.

Paul Chang, chair of the union’s 9-member State PAC, said delegates to the biennial meeting were most impressed with Hannemann’s ability to bring labor and management together throughout his career, and his resolve to make the difficult decisions for a better tomorrow, such as the construction of Honolulu’s rail transit system.

“Mufi has always been straightforward with us,” said Chang, “and we felt it was time to be up front with him.”

Submitted by the Carpenters Union