Hawaii County Seeking Applicants for Reapportionment Panel

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The Hawai‘i County Charter (Section 3-17) provides for the empanelling of a Reapportionment Commission every ten years, beginning in 1991, which means 2011 is a “reapportionment year.” Nine citizens (one from each Council district) will be nominated by the mayor and confirmed by the Council by March 1, 2011.

The job of the Reapportionment Commission is to review existing Council district boundaries and determine whether they need to be redrawn, using the following criteria:

  • No district shall be drawn to unduly favor or penalize a person or political faction;
  • Insofar as possible, districts should be contiguous and compact;
  • District lines shall, where possible, follow permanent and easily recognizable features;
  • Districts shall have approximately equal resident populations as required by applicable constitutional provisions.

The reapportionment plan must be submitted to the County Clerk by December 31, 2011.

Hawaii County is looking for open minded individuals who are committed to the overall welfare of Hawaii County, who are able to work well with others, hear different points of view and work toward a consensus.

For more information and applications, call Kaycie Carter in the Office of the Mayor, 961-8316.

Submitted by Hawaii County, Office of the Mayor