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Hawaii Creators event at Sport Box with Daniela Stolfi-Tow and Chad Owen
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Back in 2021, a creative powerhouse formed in Hawaii with the dream team of Daniela Stolfi-Tow, the force behind 808 Viral, Daniel Kim, and Coach Darren from MerchLabs and Mahalo Shoots. Together, they brought a wealth of experience in brand building, events, merchandising, and viral content to birth the game-changer — Hawaii Creators.


Hawaii Creators isn’t just a clique; it’s a vibe, a movement. Their mission? Elevate local voices, and creating a space where creators can connect, share, and cook up collaborations that set Hawaii’s creative scene on fire.

Fast forward to today, and Hawaii Creators is flexing with nearly 200 members, rocking millions of followers collectively. Nano influencers to mega influencers, all ages, all niches, all cultures. One member is the amazing Kaylee Shimizu, whose incredible vocal talent is wowing the world on the VOICE.

The diversity is wild, and the support is real. One big creative Ohana because, as they say, “we rise together.”

Hawai’i Creators offers monthly events, collabs, Zoom education, and support groups. Mentors help creators with things like merchandise, sponsorships, strategy, content, and even mental health support.

“We really understand the impact social media has on mental health. So we try to have those conversations often and remind each other to take breaks and that you are NEVER alone,” said Daniela Stolfi-Tow.

But it’s not all about the ‘gram. When Maui was in the thick of wildfires, Hawaii Creators didn’t just watch; they rallied the troops. The network quickly mobilized to help out and make a difference. That’s the kind of community spirit that sets Hawaii Creators apart.

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