Hawaii Dems: American Action Network Swoops in to Rescue Djou

former Congressman Charles Djou
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former Congressman Charles Djou
former Congressman Charles Djou

Submitted by Hawaii’s Democratic Coordinated Campaign – Today, the American Action Network (AAN) jumped on to the shores of Hawaii, launching a media assault on Democrat Mark Takai who is facing Republican Charles Djou in the open seat race for CD192.168.1.1.

With recent polling showing a growing momentum behind Mark Takai, Mr. Djou’s allies are plainly worried.


“Clearly, Djou’s special interest allies know that he cannot stand on his own record,” said Democratic Coordinated Campaign spokesperson Carolyn Tanaka. “This is Djou’s fourth time trying to pull the wool over our eyes and now it is not surprising that his allies are swooping in to distract from the real choice in this election: a choice for a progressive like Mark Takai or a Tea Party Republican like Charles Djou.”





  1. In Congress in 2010, only 14 of 435 representatives were true moderates (9 Democrats & 5 Republicans) by scoring between 30 & 70 in both the liberal ADA and the conservative ACU scorecards. Djou was one of that tiny group of 14 moderates able to bridge the gap across the partisan divide. Mike Castle of Delaware had a very similar record as Djou and Castle was ripped to shreds by the Tea Party when he ran for the Senate. Calling Djou a "Tea Party Republican" is simply FALSE (but that won't stop Carolyn Tanaka and the Takai choir from repeating that false line).

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