Hawaii Five-O Joins The Long Line Of TV Series Remake Club

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TV series Hawaii Five-O, from the 1970s era cop show era is slated to be dusted off and resurrected this coming season on CBS. Following in the footsteps of shows like Knight Rider and even the Charlie’s Angels movie remakes, Hawaii Five-O is sure to last a season or two, but keep in mind, it’s no reality show! Here’s the scoop according to TV Guide:
The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which also reports that the network has picked up the new Chuck Lorre comedy Mike & Molly, a family cop show called Blue Bloods that stars Tom Selleck (formerly of that other classic Hawaiian cop show), the legal drama Defenders, and the currently untitled Criminal Minds spin-off. The spin-off, which stars Forest Whitaker, was introduced last month through  an episode of Minds.

The Twitter-born comedy Sh– My Dad Says, starring William Shatner, also received a pickup, according to the Reporter. But EW reports that the role of Shatner’s son, played by Ryan Devlin in the pilot, is being recast.

Hawaii Five-O stars Daniel Dae Kim, wasting no time returning to TV after Lost’s final season, and perennial CBS star Alex O’Loughlin, who maintains a strong fan following despite two shows on the network canceled in less than a season: Moonlight and Three Rivers.
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