Hawaii GOP Leaders Will Prevent Legalization of Gay Marriage

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BY GARRET HASHIMOTO – Even though same-sex marriage was beaten 2-1 in the Hawaii 1998 elections….activists said, “we will come up with a way to get homosexual marriage legalized anyway”…call it something else.

On Fox News November 10, 1998, Joseph Meliilo, one half of the homosexual couple who sued in Hawaii to get same-sex marriage predicted that “gay marriage will get passed”, and said, Hawaii will have gay marriage only under a different name, with perhaps the traditional term “marriage” eventually only applied to church ceremonies.


Gay marriage activists also said in San Francisco, all the benefits and responsibilities of marriage could be granted without having to use the term “marriage.”

Is Hawaii taking the step towards same-sex marriage under a different name with same-sex advocates hoping for an Acrocombie-Schatz victory along with the same old democratic legislators? I pray not.

Every person opposed to the legalizing of homosexuality will need to vote and tell their friends to vote also for, “AIONA-FINNEGAN and ALL Republicans candidates this year.”

Let us work together to make Hawaii a that stands on moral values and beliefs. Vote AIONA-FINNEGAN and all Republicans running for office for our keiki.
Garret Hashimoto is the State Chairman for the Hawaii Christian Coalition. More at www.hi-christian.com