Hawaii GOP: Republican Poll for Honolulu Mayoral Candidate Carlisle Doesn’t Exist

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Peter Carlisle

BY ERIN KEALOHA – The Hawaii Republican Party’s Executive Director, Dylan Nonaka, reacted to a quote by candidate for Mayor Peter Carlisle in a recent article in the Midweek, citing a poll done for him by Republicans.


“The poll numbers referenced by Mr. Carlisle in the Midweek story do not exist.  The Hawaii Republican Party has not conducted nor shared poll numbers with the Carlisle campaign and the public needs to know that the numbers he is referring could just be made up.”

Peter Carlisle is not a member of the Hawaii Republican Party.  The only Hawaii Republican Party member in the race for Honolulu Mayor is Panos Prevedouros.

Erin Kealoha is the Communications Director for the Hawaii Republican Party