Hawaii government modernizes environmental review process

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state logoHONOLULU – The Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC) launched a new online viewer that links environmental disclosure documents to a map of geographic locations across the state. The application will ultimately house environmental assessments (EA) and environmental impact statements (EIS) dating back to the inception of the Hawaii Environmental Policy Act in 1974. Environmental documents dating back to 2003 are currently accessible on the OEQC Viewer.

“The Viewer is a huge step forward for everyone,” said OEQC Director Jessica Wooley. “This online system puts our environmental review process on the map, literally, and makes the historical environmental review process documents relevant and accessible to everyone. The online viewer is the product of an effective public-private partnership with Windsor Solutions that increases transparency and efficiency.”


The public, government agencies, and industry will all benefit from OEQC’s new application. Users will be able to retrieve, and eventually submit, EA and EIS documents in a more efficient and transparent manner. OEQC hopes to finalize the second phase of the database system in the next year to streamline EA and EIS submission, review and publication.

Visit https://eha-web.doh.hawaii.gov/oeqc-viewer/ to use the new online OEQC Viewer.





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