Hawaii High School Football player gets cherished champion ring – 20 years later

Kevin Boehning
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Kevin Boehning
Kevin Boehning

MILILANI – Kevin Boehning was a star student athlete and musician at Maryknoll High School in the 1980s, and as a sophmore, was part of the first Pac-5 high school football team that won the Hawaii State Prep Bowl Championship.

Pac 5, made up of several small to mid-sized Hawaii high schools including Maryknoll, beat Waianae High School in the Aloha Stadium, 14 to 7.


Kevin, an offensive guard and defensive tackle who also played on some special teams, had already ordered a high school class ring, and said his family couldn’t afford to get a Prep bowl ring back then. Twenty years later, he still regretted he didn’t have a ring from that memorable day.

Amy and Kevin Boehning
Amy and Kevin Boehning

In 2001, when Kevin began dating Amy Hangman, he told her about his cherished football win, and disappointment over not having the keepsake ring. The subject came up because Amy, then a class adviser and teacher at Waialua High School, was helping her students order their own class rings.

Ironically, the Balfour ring makers who were in charge of Waialua High’s rings, were coincidentally the same ones who made Kevin’s team’s rings all those years ago.

The representative from Balfour was able to find the mold for the ring from 1982 – it was still on file. And then as is protocol, he hunted down the team’s coaches to verify Kevin was on the team. Once everything was confirmed, he had the ring made.

When Christmas came around, their first Christmas together, Amy wrapped Kevin’s ring in several boxes, one inside the other.

Kevin laughed because wrapped Amy’s gift the same way.

When he got to the last box, and saw what was inside, Amy said: “Kevin actually cried.”

“That was the best Christmas gift ever,” Kevin said.

Little did Amy know, Kevin bought her an engagement ring, and wrapped it up in a number of boxes as well.

Amy and Kevin Boehning
Amy and Kevin Boehning

“Kevin always gets the best gifts. He is a true romantic. He even wrote me my own song and sang it in a club. I can never outdo him ever. I thought I would outdo him – and I did – almost, until he gave me a wedding band,” Amy said, laughing.

Kevin, who now works as a drummer for Bone Canyon and is an Environmental Compliance Specialist for the Hawaii Army National Guard at State of Hawaii Department of Defense, called the exchange “cosmic.”

The couple married in 2002. Kevin is still deeply in love with his wife, and posted the story and photos on Facebook this week recounting the story, adding “Love ya hunny!” Amy is now a teacher at Mililani High School.





  1. That's AWSOME Kevin! and wishes for many, many, many more adventures in your future. Look forward to rocking out at your next Jam (keep me in the loop).

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