Hawaii House Unanimously Passes Election Fraud Bill

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Voters wait in line at Holy Trinity to vote on election day 2012

HONOLULU – HB 452 HD1 unanimously passed third reading in the House and moves to the Senate for its consideration. The measure makes it an election fraud for any person who knowingly provides false information on the voting process that impedes or interferes with an individual’s right to vote.

The bill was introduced in response to recent attempts on the mainland to prevent or discourage registered voters from participating in elections by providing false information on the voting process or requirements.


“Across the country voters have been misled by attempts to win elections by keeping people from the polls. We can’t let that happen here,” said Representative Chris Lee (Kailua, Waimanalo), who introduced the measure. “Whenever and wherever we can we must ensure the integrity of the process.”

“Clearly, any kind of election fraud can be devastating to the confidence of voters and their trust that our elections provide a level playing field for all voters,” said Representative Karl Rhoads (Kalihi, Palama, Iwilei, Chinatown), who chairs the House Judiciary Committee that approved the bill and allowed it to proceed to the floor for third reading. “That confidence is essential to encourage and maximize citizen participation in elections and government.”

In the Senate, the bill will have to pass through the committee and legislative process before being sent to the Governor.


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