Hawaii Investigates with Matt Levi: A New Television Series Begins This Week

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Matt Levi

A new television series produced by Hawaii Reporter will air on KGMB/KHNL. The series is called Hawaii Investigates and stars former KGMB  reporter Matt Levi. The first half hour show airs on KGMB on April 14 at 6:30 p.m. and the second show airs the next night, Friday, April 15, on KHNL at the same time.

Matt Levi has been a private detective  in Hawai`i for almost 25 years, following a career as  an investigative reporter on Hawai`i television. He will be hosting Hawai`i’s newest locally  produced TV series produced by Hawaii Reporter.


The show is uplifting and thought provoking and focuses on Hawaii’s youth. Newly Appointed  Supreme Court Justice Sabrina McKenna is a key interview. The first show takes viewers behind the walls of Hawai`i’s youth prison- the Hawai`i Youth Correctional Facility. It is the last stop in the Hawai`i juvenile justice system and was declared in a state of “chaos” by the federal  government just a few years ago.

Levi speaks to administrators, staff, and the young inmates themselves.

“Twenty-six years ago, I  took the first cameras into the youth prison and interviewed  teenage offenders confined there,” explains Levi.  “ I wanted to know, has the system changed since then? Is money spent on youth corrections being spent wisely?” Levi tracked down former inmates, who are now in their forties. They agreed to be interviewed. We’ll see whether they have changed, and what they want to tell today’s young people about which path to follow.

“Hawaii Reporter wants to facilitate local in depth reporting with this investigative series,” says Malia Zimmerman, Hawaii Reporter founder and show producer.  “Because of his experience and professional background, there is no one better than Matt Levi  to take the lead on this new show. We hope that the business community will support this kind  of news program with their advertising and sponsorship, because this is just one of so many  important stories about Hawaii that should be told.”






  1. I applaud Matts’ abilities and intent to do what he does best and apply his skills and heart into the the youth of hawai’i. I am hopeful of success in this. If I may ask HR and Matt this. Will we be seeing some exposure into the rail issue and how it all began to where it stands today? Will it be the “TRUTH” or some truth or little truth? That would be refreshing given the atmosphere of politics and special interests and how they influence our future and our kids future. IT is time to see a piece where the truth is told and not censored for any reason. hiki no

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