Hawaii Lawmaker’s Family Spared from Typhoon Haiyan

May and John Mizuno
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May and John Mizuno

REPORT FROM THE HOUSE MAJORITY – Hawaii State Representative John M. Mizuno (D), who serves as the Vice Speaker of the House, thanked the people of Hawaii and around the world for their prayers.  Vice Speaker Mizuno reports his wife was just contacted by their sister-in-law, Maria Lyn who resides in Negros Oriental, a province south of Leyte, Philippines, informing her that their family members (Paltingca family) are alive but without food.

Vice Speaker’s wife, May Besario Mizuno said, “I just received the call from my sister-in-law Maria Lyn that our family members are alive, but starving.  They are still in Barugo, a town nearby Tacloban City. According to my family “no” relief aid is getting to their town. Our immediate plans are to assist them in traveling, probably by boat, to Negros Oriental to be with family in that province.  I thank God for saving my family.  My heart goes out to all those affected by typhoon Haiyan.  I ask for your continued prayers for all victims of typhoon Haiyan. Please know that we must be steadfast in moving forward to assist in relief efforts that actually get to all our victims of this typhoon.”


Mizuno said “Because communications were completely knocked out, once a road was restored from Barugo, a town just about 30 miles away from Tacloban City, Leyte,  Lyn’s brother was able to travel by foot to Tacloban which had a phone and just contacted Lyn.” Mizuno added, “We have an awesome God and I thank you all for your kind support and prayers.  Our work is not over, we have much ahead as we work to focus on relief efforts actually getting to our people in need, as well as shelter, tents, and shortly thereafter, plans to assist in rebuilding the areas of Leyte and Samar provinces and other nearby areas devastated by typhoon Haiyan.”

May Besario Mizuno, the president of the Congress of Visayan Organization, is working with the Philippines Consulate General, the Filipino Community Center, and the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii on relief efforts to help our people in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.






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