Hawaii Legislature Should Honor Ronald Reagan

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BY MICHAEL G. PALCIC “Freedom is not the sole prerogative of a chosen few, but the universal right of all God’s children.”

So spoke Ronald Reagan to the 40th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on October 25, 1985.


President Reagan was unwavering in his support of and belief in individual human freedom.

Freedom is the greatest single attribute to the advancement of humankind in the history of the world.  Where freedom flourishes the whole lot of humanity thrives and prospers. Where freedom is repressed, mankind suffers.

When President Reagan took office in January, 1981, the country was afflicted by massive inflation and economic stagnation.  He correctly saw how economic freedom could reverse this course.

He proposed to cut taxes, get control of government spending and get the government out of the way so that the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people could be unleashed.

It is altogether fitting and proper that we should remember and celebrate our 40th President, that the light of freedom should not be extinguished in the country that has done the most to propagate and perpetuate freedom throughout the world.

As President Reagan declared on July 6, 1987, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It has to be fought for and defended by each generation.”

Honoring Ronald Reagan, as Hawaii voters did in 1984 by concurring on his reelection to the Presidency, helps keep this flame alive and reminds each of us of our duty to preserve human freedom in our community, state, nation and around the globe.

Please support  Senate Concurrent Resolution 21.