Hawaii Minority Leader Lynn Finnegan Announces Candidacy for Lt. Governor

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HONOLULU – Republican leader in the State House of Representatives Lynn Finnegan today announced her candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Hawai‘i. Drawing on her eight years in the House and five years as the Minority Caucus leader, Lynn shared her vision for Hawai‘i’s future.

“Today, with the 2010 legislative session behind us and knowing there is still so much more that needs to be done on a myriad of important issues, I have decided, with the full support of my family, to announce my candidacy for Lt. Governor of the great State of Hawaii,” Lynn announced to a crowd of supporters.


At her Mother’s Day announcement ceremony, Lynn was joined by her husband, Honolulu Fire Department Captain Peter Finnegan, their two children, her mother and father, as well as other family members, friends and supporters. Recognizing the need for balance in state government, Lynn’s leadership will strengthen the Republican ticket for the 2010 general election. Lynn’s vast legislative experience will complement Duke Aiona’s rich administrative experience.

“With 8 years as a State Representative and Republican Leader, I have the experience to be an effective Lieutenant Governor. Working on the critical issues facing our State in a bipartisan way will allow me to be a direct liaison from the Executive Chambers to the legislators, as well as directly to the people of Hawai‘i,” said Lynn.

“That is why I want to join Duke Aiona and work as a team to provide balance to decision making at the Capitol. With my continued service to the state, I pledge to stay true to the ideals of a State government that places residents ahead of bureaucracy; supporting businesses so that they might thrive, not just survive; a public education system that puts students and families first; a clean energy economy which accelerates Hawai‘i’s economic diversification and recovery; and a new vision for the 21st century Hawai‘i that places our island state on the world stage as leaders in innovation.” “I am running for Lt. Governor because I believe we must keep Republican leadership in the Executive Branch in order to have a balanced and honest government which serves all the people of Hawai‘i.”

More on the web: https://www.lynnfinnegan.com

Corrie Heck is the Communications Director for Friends for Lynn Finnegan. She authored this report.