Hawaii Online Women’s Boutique Opens for the Beach Lifestyle Lover

Courtesy Beach Wahine
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PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — If you are a woman who lives for the beach, salt, surf and sand, there is now an online boutique catering to your specific needs. From beach fashion to handmade accessories, Beach Wahine offers something for everyone. What is a wahine? In Hawaii, this word refers to women, a young girl, or more informally a surfer girl, hence the name. Beach Wahine focuses on featuring local and talented designers from the Hawaiian Islands, creating a modern-day beach inspired shop. Carla Saldania-Capone, boutique owner, started the company due to her passion and love for the beaches of Hawaii. Born and raised in the islands, being a former swimwear model along with her innate bond to the beach led her to bring about this idea. Carla explains, “I started this business because of my love for the beach and its lifestyle. Growing up in Hawaii, you spend many summer days and weekends at the seashore. It was from that experience that I was motivated to develop a company around that specific idea. Another significant inspiration is my daughter. She is a big part of the business and shares that same passion and zest for the beach.” Carla’s boutique is inspired by the island beauty and the idea of a small, hidden treasure unique to the rest of the world. Carla adds, “My concept behind the boutique was to create a niche ambiance for online shoppers similar to the mood emulated at a small resort or shop tucked away off the beaten path. I believe my products are unique because they are made from local artists who put their heart and island aloha into each piece. Although some products are manufactured elsewhere, the inspiration and designs come from the people who live in or have roots to Hawaii.” A strong desire to share the spirit of Hawaii with others moved Carla to build the boutique. Carla is always interested in expanding her merchandise and working with a larger variety of local artists. This is not to rule out designers from abroad. In the future, should she see a need to incorporate designers overseas than she will consider including just that for her customers.

However, the main goal for Carla is to share items from local designers. She seeks to set herself apart from many of the other Hawaiian-based online retailers by selling the freshest innovative designers of Hawaii. “Of course, there are many local stores that sell great traditional tourist items like Hawaiian surf apparel and traditional Hawaiian jewelry,” Carla shares. “Instead, I prefer to draw my inspiration from the beach lifestyle of today, rather than of the past.” Beach Wahine – https://www.beachwahine.com – aims to convey the islands’ contemporary beachwear fashion into an online atmosphere. Designers at Beach Wahine come from all around the Hawaiian Islands. If you are a Beach Wahine, near or far, this adorable boutique is one you should definitely check out. You don’t have to travel to Hawaii to update your summer closet. Beach Wahine brings Hawaii fashion to you! All products feature a no-hassle money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason. Visit now for a 15% Off End-of-Summer Season Sale! https://www.beachwahine.com<